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Marvin marvelous

Don't miss out on my new song,  "I'm A Rude Boy" Thanks you to all my fans.  

MuzicStrek New Music.

I'm a rude boy

Marvin Marvelous






Marvin Marvelous

Marvin Marvelous is a lover for R&B, Reggae and Soul Music. He started writing love poem and He would read it to his friends around him, in his community where he grow up in Hampstead St. Mary Jamaica.

Marvin was Known  to be a good swimmer  in Hampstead at Resovor along with his twin brother Mervin. They grow up with their grandmother and grandfather  mavin and his twin brother leave Hampstead along with his older brother Marlon Dixon and his younger sister Lapoy Erskine 

and their mother Veronica Gillings to Live in Islingtion St. Mary .He and his twin Brother attend the Water Vally Primary School.At the age of 11 then they went on to the Islingtion HIgh School. at the age of 13. And While living in Islingtion by 9th grade he went back  to live with his Grandparents in Hampstead St. Mary, he  continued to attend the Islingtion High School.

Then in 2003 He and His Twin Brother and his sister Migrated to the United States, to live with their father.

Marvin discovered his passion for music at age of 9 years , but he did't thought to he would become a singer until the age 18, when he started to take his musical career more seriously. 

 Marvin and his father was relaxing and listing to the radio one evening after work. They started to talk about music, and that is when he told his father about his interest in becoming a singer.

 Marvin's father wanted him to chose a different path other than music,  but in Marvin's mine he wanted nothing more than to become a singer. While he was pursuing  his Musical Career he meet a young man by name of Nyah, who then took him to the Linkage Radio Station. There he meet a producer by name of "Basie" . Basie made a Riddim  for the song by the name of Good Friends.

Marvin Marvelous kept on going to the Radio station every evening after  working as a pest control management.  One day  he  meet a guy who told him that his son has a studio, in bronx his name is Ricky.  Marvin Marvelous  went Record  a  song in Ricky's studio and that was the song that made it onto the Linkage Radio Station topTen chart in 2007. 

And then in 2011 He started to make a studio in Mount Vernon New York The Name of hit is Muzic Streak  and that his when he started to learn how to make Riddim  and Recording.  he Record songs like we shall have a Grand time, Good Friends, Them a talk bout me, and Turn me on , Party lover. 

And in 2015 Marvin Marvelous release is first single on I Tunes By the name of I’m a rude boy . ect 

About MuzicStrek.

Marvin Erskine is the founder and creater of Muzicstreak since 2012.

He is a Singer and Song writer that has a great love for music and it's influence on the world. Marvin Marvelous is always studying new ways to make his music more effective. His passion for music has lead him to build a studio in 2011. With what little knowledge he had about the inner working and managing of a studio and record label.

Now with his studio and label fully operational, along with his internal drive to be a part of the music world. Marvin Marvelous has stayed inspired and true to his hearts desires of being a musican. Marvin Marvelous is currently working on his new project.


MazicStreak welcomes all artists and musicians that are willing to work hard, and to put out their best at all times.  




Marvin Marvelous One of MuzicStreak Artist

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  • rose-marie (Wednesday, April 13 16 04:38 pm EDT)

    doing well keep up the good work and i will to see samples of your music and videos on your website

  • Marvin Marvelous (Wednesday, May 18 16 07:36 pm EDT)

    Thank you for the comment and will see soon it is in the making but this is the link to my YouTube

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